Monday, 4 July 2011



Science is all around us. We encounter science in our daily life and in our activities. Science “is knowledge as of facts, phenomena, laws, and verified by exact observation organized experiment and the sum of universal knowledge”- The New Internal Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of English Language. Science is the answer our curiosity about life.

                Example of science is when we play volleyball, and we try a different serving to throw the ball to the other side. We are trying different solution to solve the problem.

                Technology is the application of science. It is also the product of science. Technology “is a theoretical knowledge of industry and the industrial arts.” -The New Internal Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of English Language.

                Some examples of technology are cell phones, computer and the cars.


Science and Technology make our life easier and be comfortable in life. Science and Technology have a big role in term of our economy, because almost of the equipments and things are form by the science and technology. Technology has made a difference of our life. It makes our life easier. It helps our job done faster and it helps to organize our daily activities. But science and technology have a advantages and also disadvantages. For example of technology is the computers it has a major impact especially in the teenagers, Teenagers need to be equipped with knowledge of computer, as most things in life require the use of computers as most things in life require the use of computers helps us to organize the data and information in a better way, it helps our work to be easy, it can be also the storage of our important data, information and data, and if it has a internet connection we can find a new information in our computers. The disadvantages of computers are it may affect our eye sight because of the radiation of the computers, one disadvantage of owning a computer is the information that students can access from the Internet. The Internet has also made the youth of today quite lazy, especially in terms of their education. It may damage our studies and it takes our life in a bad side.

 One of the effects of technology is the pollution. One factor that of pollution is the irresponsible factories. Their chemical substance that comes from the factories are flowed in the river and the fishes and the other animals that in that specific area will die and the smoke that comes to that factories can affect our ozone layer and worsen our problem about the global warming.